2011 World's Best Shooting Handgun

The 2011 is a modular framed 1911 that is light and has better recoil management.

Typically the 2011 is known to be smoother and better to shoot than a typically 1911 pistol.

2011 typically allows you to change the whole grip whereas the 1911 only allows you to change the grip panels.

Now made by a number of companies 2011’s were originally known to be made by STI and SVI.

The typical price difference in 2011’s and 1911’s can be substantial, sometimes even double. But the 2011 is known to be a high-quality firearm.

2011 Components

The 2011 is made up of three main components

  1. Grip Frame
  2. Sub Frame
  3. Slide

This is different from the 1911 because the grip frame is a simple piece and the gun is only two main components.

The way a 2011’s build is different from a 1911 is that the grip frame attaches to the subframe. The grip frame consists of the grip itself, magazine well, and trigger guard.

2011 grip frames are normally made of polymer to reduce weight but the high-end models are also steel.

2011 World's Best Shooting Handgun

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These 80% 1911/2011 frames are designed and manufactured right here in the USA. They are all precision CNC machined from start to finish. They feature a full length dust cover with a tactical rail. Available in these ramp cuts Clark/Para barrel cut.

-STI 2011 Compatible

– Need to complete Hammer hole Sear hole Slide rails frames are to be completed by the purchaser obeying federal, state, and local laws.

Glock PI4350201 G43 Double 9mm 3.4″ 6+1 FS Integral Grip Black


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